The Mailbox

Yet Another Platformer

What is this game?

Basicly, you are a black box attempting to save your other black pal's while you avoid white boxes.

It's impossible to move boxes next to walls!

No it's not, just hit it mid air and it will rotate!

- You can jump on the boxes mid air so you are able to potentially fly with the boxes.

- You don't have to send all boxes unless you destroyed so you don't have to worry about all.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Nicely made, I enjoyed the controls and the difficulty curve, hoping for some new levels to be added in the future maybe?


There are too many platformer games on the market so i don't think i will improve it. But thank you for your feedback!


reminds me a lot of super meat boy actually. nice job there bud!

Very cool game! I like how you implemented the theme into your game! As Austin said controls are really good and those satisfying particles on the box! MMMMM HMM.


Poured hours of work into the movements I'm glad that you liked it!

Great controls, controlling the boxes feels really intuitive and hitting them around, dunking them, and throwing them past hazards are all a lot of fun. Loved it, hope there's more to come.

Thank you very much, mister